Nether Haugh Sign

Nether Haugh Sign

Members of the Nether Haugh Community Partnership were in attendance as police officers carried out a speed reduction scheme in the village. Children from Wentworth C. of E. School were also involved on the day by making posters and handing out certificates to drivers who observed the speed limits through the village. Posters were also placed at strategic points making motorists aware of the speed limits. Whilst the operation was being carried out an accident occurred at the Marquis junction. One of the drivers involved was a lady who was heavily pregnant with twins and was rushed straight to hospital. Photographs of the accident are shown below.

                                                        Police Carrying Out Speed Observations


                                                    Signs Posted Throughout The Village by the Children


Accident At Marquis Junction


                             Wentworth C. of E. Children Hand Out Certificates To Drivers