Nether Haugh Sign

Nether Haugh Sign

Thanks to one of our members who is going to contact ROSPA in the coming week with a view to outlining our problems with the traffic to see if they can offer any help.

Just following on from the news letter,
We recently had a visit from Gareth Dennison from the Rotherham Advertiser who is writing a follow up article on the traffic problems we are currently experiencing in Nether Haugh and also a
photographer came out to take some photographs of cars speeding through the village.
Short notice I know, but Gareth has just told me, it will be published in tomorrows edition & From our perspective he was in agreement with the problems we are experiencing and this should hopefully stir Rotherham Council into action. But don't hold your breath. We are committed as a group to sort these problems out and will continue to fight our case for improvements, however we need your help so PLEASE, PLEASE come to the next meeting, which we will arrange shortly, when you've had a
 chance to read the report  through. Your feed back, comments and thoughts as to where we go from here would be most welcome.

We have also contacted Rotherham Council & Streetpride, regarding the overgrown hedges and foot
paths, and as you may have noticed,some have been cut back already, and they will be in touch with
who ever is responsible for those that as yet haven't.

Finally, you may be aware Kath and Stan have now left us for pastures new so now we would like to welcome Kirsty and Darren to the village. Hope you will make yourselves known to them and make them feel welcome.