Nether Haugh Sign

Nether Haugh Sign


12th OCTOBER 2013 Approximately 16.30


A car speeding round the bend at the south end of the village hit a group of cyclists. The car braked heavily causing a collision with another car. The cyclists were either travelling round the bend or were attempting to crossing the road, there was a bit of shouting and they looked shocked. It was worrying that on this occasion the car came to rest across the pavement. Anyone walking along could have been killed or suffered life changing injuries. We think the car reversed out to the photographed position as the skid marks on the photo illustrates.


Members of the Nether Haugh Community Partnership were in attendance as police officers carried out a speed reduction scheme in the village. Children from Wentworth C. of E. School were also involved on the day by making posters and handing out certificates to drivers who observed the speed limits through the village. Posters were also placed at strategic points making motorists aware of the speed limits. Whilst the operation was being carried out an accident occurred at the Marquis junction. One of the drivers involved was a lady who was heavily pregnant with twins and was rushed straight to hospital. Photographs of the accident are shown below.

                                                        Police Carrying Out Speed Observations


                                                    Signs Posted Throughout The Village by the Children


Accident At Marquis Junction


                             Wentworth C. of E. Children Hand Out Certificates To Drivers


Recent Accidents

22nd August 2013
On the 22nd August 2013 a coal lorry travelling too fast through the village shed part of its load onto the road opposite 23 nether haugh. Street Pride were called out to remove the debris.
11 September 2013
Accident occurred on corner opposite Rig Lane at the south end of the village. A Peugeot ended up through the hedge into the farmers field and had to be towed out.

2 October 2013

Blue Vauxhall Corsa failed to take the bend on the corner of Rig Lane located in the south end of the village. It hit the causeway on the opposite side of the road before ending up nose end in the field. Police were involved in this accident (incident number 505)

3 October 2013
Unknown collision occurred on the bend where The Winns meets Stubbin Road. A lamp standard and hedgerow was damaged.

In August 2013 the Rotherham Advertiser published an article on the B6089 and sent one of their photographers to take pictures of traffic speeding through our village.


Thanks to one of our members who is going to contact ROSPA in the coming week with a view to outlining our problems with the traffic to see if they can offer any help.

Just following on from the news letter,
We recently had a visit from Gareth Dennison from the Rotherham Advertiser who is writing a follow up article on the traffic problems we are currently experiencing in Nether Haugh and also a
photographer came out to take some photographs of cars speeding through the village.
Short notice I know, but Gareth has just told me, it will be published in tomorrows edition & From our perspective he was in agreement with the problems we are experiencing and this should hopefully stir Rotherham Council into action. But don't hold your breath. We are committed as a group to sort these problems out and will continue to fight our case for improvements, however we need your help so PLEASE, PLEASE come to the next meeting, which we will arrange shortly, when you've had a
 chance to read the report  through. Your feed back, comments and thoughts as to where we go from here would be most welcome.

We have also contacted Rotherham Council & Streetpride, regarding the overgrown hedges and foot
paths, and as you may have noticed,some have been cut back already, and they will be in touch with
who ever is responsible for those that as yet haven't.

Finally, you may be aware Kath and Stan have now left us for pastures new so now we would like to welcome Kirsty and Darren to the village. Hope you will make yourselves known to them and make them feel welcome.



Hello everyone and welcome to our new site “The Nether Haugh Community Partnership”.

“But before we go any further perhaps a word of explanation about the changes would be in order”.

As you know from the news letters we have been working very closely with Wentworth Parish Council and partly under their guidance it was deemed that the name “Action Group” sounded a little too confrontational but as a partnership we would be eligible to receive some sort of funding for the group i.e traffic surveys etc, Wentworth Parish Council have very kindly already made a donation.  As a partnership we would also be able to interact with other groups who have similar issues to ourselves.

Basically the objectives are exactly the same, making our village a safer place to live.  Obviously we will keep you updated both on this site and by new letters which we will continue to circulate on a regular basis.

If you are aware of any issues we may have missed or would like to include your comments please do not hesitate to contact us, remember this is “your site”.

Once again thank you for your continued support.

Press Reports

This report was published by the Rotherham Advertiser on March 22nd 2013

Villagers' road safety action plea turned down


Road safety plea turned down.
CALLS for extra road safety measures on a busy road through a tiny village have been rejected by councillors.
More than 7,000 vehicles a day use the B6089 at Nether Haugh — a main link route between Rotherham town centre and the Dearne Valley.
Nether Haugh Action Group called for traffic calming measures and improved pavements to reduce the risks to villagers.
A spokesman said: “It should not be underestimated how members of our community do genuinely feel in fear of their personal safety when they leave the house on mobility scooters, with pushchairs, on bicycles and even on foot.”
Nether Haugh comprises a farm and 40 houses with just over 100 residents. The action group’s research in 2011 found 46 per cent of vehicles exceeded the 30mph limit.
But Rotherham Borough Council said it carried out three speed surveys and none met national police guidelines for speed enforcement.
A spokesman said: “The three previous years’ worth of injury accident data does not demonstrate that Nether Haugh is a location that we would consider as a site of concern.
“As such we could not justify the use of funding reserved for treating accident hotspots to provide a traffic calming scheme at this location.”
He added: “The existing footways are sufficiently wide to accommodate a pedestrian pushing a pram.
“It is reduced in places by overhanging vegetation from private properties. The owners will be contacted.”