Nether Haugh Sign

Nether Haugh Sign


Hello everyone and welcome to our new site “The Nether Haugh Community Partnership”.

“But before we go any further perhaps a word of explanation about the changes would be in order”.

As you know from the news letters we have been working very closely with Wentworth Parish Council and partly under their guidance it was deemed that the name “Action Group” sounded a little too confrontational but as a partnership we would be eligible to receive some sort of funding for the group i.e traffic surveys etc, Wentworth Parish Council have very kindly already made a donation.  As a partnership we would also be able to interact with other groups who have similar issues to ourselves.

Basically the objectives are exactly the same, making our village a safer place to live.  Obviously we will keep you updated both on this site and by new letters which we will continue to circulate on a regular basis.

If you are aware of any issues we may have missed or would like to include your comments please do not hesitate to contact us, remember this is “your site”.

Once again thank you for your continued support.